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Becky Winship

Becky Winship Customer Service Manager

Becky is originally from Shropshire but came to Cornwall in 2008 found love, got married and has been here ever since.   She’s always the first to arrive at a party and the last to leave…. 🙂 Becky did her school work experience at Coronation Street and her favourite pop star is Adele.

Favourite thing to do at Trevornick?
Watching the stunning sunset from Woody’s bar & restaurant.

Favourite activity in the area?
Walking the coast path and eating fish and chips.

Best thing to do with kids at Trevornick?
Our Wild Tribe activities in Trevornick’s woodland area.

Favourite place in Cornwall?
All of the North Coast beaches.

Top tip for visitors?
Take a picnic to Holywell Bay on a sunny evening and enjoy the sunset over the sea.

Secret gem?
Try a local Rattler cider.

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