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Over recent years we have made every effort to improve accessibility on site and provide facilities to meet with our visitor’s needs.

We consider that accessibility is a continually evolving project, in which Trevornick staff positively support and enthusiastically contribute, providing both assistance and further suggestions to improve the wide range of services we offer.


The Trevornick websites have been built using valid XHTML and CSS Transitional coding to allow correct rendering by all known web browsers including those with features for people with vision and/or motor difficulties.

Text size is adjustable by use of keyboard short cuts and also via icons on the bottom of every page, this allows the viewer to increase the font size to make it easier to read.

No core functionality relies solely on the use of javascript.

Adequate foreground/background contrast has been utilised for all text allowing it to be read more clearly.

The site does not overly use capitalisation making the site easier to read by people with dyslexia.

All pages of the website achieve a good Flesch Reading Ease score resulting in easy to read pages.

W3C guidelines have been adhered to wherever possible to create a fully compliant website to current standards.

There appropriate ALT tags have been used on images.


Wheelchair hire is available, but it is advisable to arrange prior to arrival.

Trevornick staff are always happy to discuss the facilities available and any concerns before any booking is made.

A copy of the accessibility statement is available in large print and via post, e-mail or fax.


The entrance to Reception is through an extra wide set of double doors that lead to the foyer area that is level throughout and easily accessible to wheelchairs.

Staff are all ‘type text’ aware.

The Reception Manager, or one of her team, will always be available during the Reception opening hours.

Public areas

The site is on a gentle slope and most of our facilities within the main public area  have flat access and extra wide doors.

All steps throughout the site are delimited with colour and the public areas are well illuminated at night.

In our new signage we have used words and symbols to improve readability.

Guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs, whilst being accommodated on either Red Field or Hay Field are accepted in all areas, with water bowls being made available.

The main roads throughout the site and public areas are surfaced with tarmac or patio stones. We plan to further widen some of the main roads before the 2015 season.

Specific disabled parking spaces are located throughout the site.

There are 3 accessible disabled WCs which are located in Yellow Field, Corn Field and Hay Field

An accessible disabled toilet is available in the foyer of the Farm Club, Golf Club and Holywell Bay Fun Park.

Farm Club – ‘Fodders’ Grill – ‘Fodders’ take-away – Woody’s Bar

The Farm Club is on the 1st floor and is accessible by a disabled friendly lift.

The entrance to the Farm Club foyer is through large double doors with level access to the lift.

The floor plan of the Farm Club is open and provides level access throughout.

All tables and chairs are moveable and, for those customers with disabilities, these can be re-positioned to suit the customer’s needs.

There is level access to the ‘Fodders’ Grill and take-away.

Tables at ‘Fodders’ are at two levels with one of these being at ground floor level, the other accessed via a slope which is wide enough for wheelchair access. Outside tables at ground level are also available and offer disabled access.

The ‘Fodders’ take-away  and the Woody’s Bar are both at ground level and allow disabled access.

Farm Shop – Launderette – Amusements

There is a gently sloping access to the Farm Shop and Amusement area.

The aisles are wide enough for a wheelchair access throughout most of the Farm Shop.

Shelves in the Shop are from floor level to head height, but assistance is available on request.

The Launderette has a double door access with ramp.

All washers and dryers are front loading and coin operated.

We offer a service wash facility.

Outdoor heated Swimming Pool

We provide lifeguard cover.

Entry into the pool area is disabled friendly.

Further assistance is always available upon request and pool staff are trained to discuss any pool safety concerns.

Touring Pitches, Camping Pitches and Super Eurotents

Parking is permitted on each pitch.

Staff are trained to advise on the location of pitches and suitability for your requirements on enquiring during booking.

We offer the facilities to re-charge electric devices, including wheelchairs, storage of chilled medicines and can receive pre-deliveries of oxygen in small amounts.

Disabled toilets are available in Yellow Field, Corn Field and Hay Field.  We do not provide radar keys to the disabled toilets, guests must use their own. Family bathroom keys can be issued on arrival with a refundable deposit on the key’s return prior to departure.

The toilet and shower facilities provided are spacious and have been recently refurbished.

We provide an on-site night-time security service and each guest is advised of the security team’s mobile phone number in case of an emergency.

Our Super Eurotents have a step into the entrance, but a ramp can be provided to allow wheelchair access.

Parking is permitted next to each Eurotent.


The Park extends over a large area and parts of the site are located on a slope.

The Park is serviced by tarmac roads.

We have recently introduced a service road which enables delivery vehicles to deliver to the various outlets without coming onto the site’s public roads.

The site is well signposted throughout, with both word and symbols to improve readability.

The individual fields on site are separated by Cornish walls, Cornish hedges or tree/shrub lines and there are numerous landscaped areas located throughout the site.

Some areas of the site are possibly better suited for those customers who suffer from allergies such as hay fever.

Additional information

Public telephones are provided and there is limited mobile phone coverage on site.

Our night time security team remain on site and their contact number is issued to each customer on arrival through the Site Guide.

There is a list of useful numbers including medical services, local care, taxis etc in the Site Guide which is issued on arrival.

The local bus timetable is available from Reception.  The bus stop is only a few yards from the Trevornick main entrance and is easily accessible.

Future Plans

We are constantly looking at how to improve the range of disabled facilities throughout the Park.

We are currently working on a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) paper and hope to go online with this soon.

We welcome customer feedback and encourage our visitors to complete our Visitor Questionnaire which is handed out at the end of their stay.

We have tried to be as accurate as possible, however, if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to make contact with us.

For specific requirements on accessibility please e-mail

Thank you

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