Over 60 Years Of Trevornick

In 2023 We Celebrated Our 60th Year

To celebrate our sparkling diamond 60th year anniversary, we extended a big THANK YOU to you, our incredible guests through special gifts and giveaways, because without you, Trevornick wouldn’t exist.

Below are just some of the ways we celebrated our 60th year…

60 Acts of Kindness

60 Acts of Kindness

Giving back! Throughout 2023, our team were on a mission to create joy and spread happiness to our customers, our community and our environment by completing 60 Acts Of Kindness.

These acts of kindness are big and small but all made a difference. Click to find out more.

60 Acts of Kindness
Trevornick Cornish Cyder

Trevornick Cornish Cyder

Raise a glass to 60 years with our specially crafted Trevornick Cyder. Crisp and fruity, it was made for warm summer days, sunset beach barbecues and celebrating special occasions with those you love most. Cheers to 60 and many more happy memories.

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Diamond Tickets

Diamond Tickets

To celebrate our Diamond Year, we created Diamond Tickets!

Randomly placed around the park or even inside your accommodation, if you were lucky enough to find one, it meant you won a prize. To claim the prize from your Diamond Ticket, just pop into Reception.

Well done to everyone who found our Diamond Tickets!

Wild Thing's Pop Badges
Wild Thing's Pop Badges

Wild Thing's Pop Badges

Wild Thing has been very busy creating three special edition 60th Anniversary Pop Badges!

There were three to collect...

GREEN - you could collect this badge when you took part in a fishing competition
BLACK - you could WIN this when taking part in the Farm Club activities
BLUE - you could purchase from reception to complete the set

To complete the collection, badges can be swapped!

image description image description

Well done for collecting all the badges!

60 years of Extraordinary Holidays

Trevornick started its journey in 1963, when Mr & Mrs Hartley (snr) first purchased the site as a working arable farm. The only visitors back then were the Scouts on their annual jamboree!

But it wasn’t long before campers and surfers started knocking on the farmhouse door looking for a place to pitch up – and who could blame them with such stunning natural surroundings as their backdrop? So with a keen eye for opportunity, Mr & Mrs Hartley gradually began to develop the site, adding facilities and activities as the years and decades went by.

These days, Trevornick is still a family business, now under the careful guidance of the Hartley brothers, just children when the journey began!

We sat down with owners and brothers Richard and Robert to find out more about the journey Trevornick has taken in the last 60 years. They tell us some of their funniest memories and take us back to the very beginning of Trevornick.

Read the full interview here.









Let your holiday adventures begin...