10 Camping Essentials – What To Take Camping

When we first opened as a campsite over 60 years ago, camping in Cornwall looked very different to how it does today. It was simple. A canvas tent, a ground sheet and maybe a sleeping bag and you were good to go. These days, with so much more gear and gadgets available to bring a little home comfort to your trip, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Whether you’re a first time camper or a seasoned pro, as camping enthusiasts, we’ve rounded up our ten essentials you simply cannot do without when camping at Trevornick.

1. A trusty tent

Your sanctuary under the stars! When selecting a tent, prioritise size over the number of berths to ensure ample space for both campers and equipment. Opt for a tent slightly larger than you think you’ll need to avoid feeling cramped – a good rule of thumb is to scale up by at least two extra people. Also think about height, being able to stand up adds to the comfort and ease of camping.

2. A cosy sleeping bag

After a long day stomping the Cornish coast path, you’ll want to snuggle down into a cosy sleeping bag. A good sleeping bag should last over a decade so choose carefully and you’ll have a companion for many trips. 

Top Tip – consider the temperature rating to match our Cornish conditions.

3. An air bed

The difference between a good camping trip and a really good camping trip is your bed! Nobody likes to sleep on the floor and a blow up air mattress is a great and comfortable addition to your camping experience. Save yourself the effort and invest in a mattress with a built-in pump – there are some great ones on the market or buy an electric one that plugs into the car. If your tent doesn’t have space, a camping mat can be a great alternative. 

4. Camping cookware

Cooking on the camping stove is half the fun of a trip! From one pot meals to boiling water for a morning cup of tea, a gas stove is an essential but when it comes to cooking equipment, it has to be a compact solution. Stackable systems are a favourite with us at Trevornick because they’re lightweight and space saving. On sunnier days, a BBQ is always a crowd pleaser. Spark up, chuck the sausages on to sizzle and sit back to enjoy the sunset over Gull Rocks.

NB: BBQs are one of the best things about camping holidays, we just ask that you don’t place them directly onto the grass – BBQ blocks are available free of charge at reception. Please be extra careful when disposing of your BBQs and make sure they are fully extinguished before placing in the bin. The best way is to dowse fully with water then leave overnight.

5. Plastic wine glasses

Is it even a camping trip without a glass of wine? We don’t think so, which is why plastic wine glasses are an essential for any camping holiday. When glass is a no-no, sturdy wine glasses are a must and with so much choice, it can add a splash of colour to your holiday. They’re also great to stuff in a backpack and take to the beach!

6. Lighting

Trevornick is well lit, even at night but it can still feel dark compared to being at home and just flicking the lights on so packing a good torch is an essential. An extra lamp or two can make your camp extra cosy and illuminate your surroundings for those late-night hot chocolates. There are some incredible solar lights available that help children find home when they’ve been playing with their friends and they also create a beautiful outside garden for the adults.

7. Camping chairs

For leisurely lounging with a good book or al fresco dining, a good chair is a must. After a day of surfing at Holywell Bay, you will want to return to comfort and re-charge your tired muscles. Choose from squidgy inflatables to eco-friendly extendable bamboo sofas. This is one item we would never compromise on.

8. Cool Box

No one likes a warm beer so a cool box is a must for any camping holiday. Whether it’s milk for your coffee or butter for your toast, keeping it refrigerated for the duration of your stay is easy when you stay at Trevornick. Pop your ice packs in the onsite freezer and you can top up the cool box daily.

From bread to burgers, pop into our onsite Farm Shop to stock up on goodies.

9. A Camping Table

Gathering around for dinner or using as a table to deal cards, this is any camper’s social hub. We like tables that are adjustable so fold up or down to suit any situation. They must be lightweight and easy to clean and have some nifty organisation compartments. We cannot recommend making sure they’re sturdy because no one likes a wonky table!

10. A pillow

Last but not least, has to be a pillow. From blankets that fold into pillows to inflatable options, the humble pillow market now has a bewildering amount of choice. No need to lug around your bedroom pillow, pack light and invest in a compressible pillow. They’re also great to take to the beach and soak in the sun without having sand in your face

Oh and don’t forget the tent pegs!

If you’ve missed something off your packing list, worry not! Our Reception Team or Hire Shop might be able to help you with some emergency and essential items, from travel cots to wetsuits!

At Trevornick, we have a huge range of camping pitches all just minutes from the white sands of Holywell Bay on Cornwall’s north coast. Give yourself the ultimate home away from home camping experience with an electric hook up or go wild, switch off the devices and live a quieter life without electric. Whatever you choose, we hope you’ll choose Trevornick for your next camping holiday.


Let your holiday adventures begin...