Bye Bye Summer….

It’s nearly October so the Trevornick gates are now officially closed until next year (boooo). Trevornick Towers is a shell of the buzzing reception it was a month ago.

But what a crazy summer it has been. All of us here have been kept busy with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Olympics and by Harry and Harriet’s shenanigans and now we are pooped. It’s hibernation time.

So we just wanted to say a huge thanks for coming but we do have just one small favour to ask. Could you possibly complete this survey when you have some free time? We just wanted to know a bit more about you really. It’s not just because we’re nosey, we just want to make sure that when you come back next year you have an even better holiday aaand you will be entered into a prize draw (ooooh) to win a £20 voucher for Skyblue Leisure. Click here to complete the survey.

Anyway enough of us babbling on and wasting your time

See you next year



Let your holiday adventures begin...