Cornwall at home!

Now that we are so close to closing for the year, a lot of you have been telling us how much you’ll miss Cornwall and Trevornick. To make the wait until your next stay with us not feel as long, we’ve come up with a list of ways to have a little bit of Cornwall at home with you.

Making homemade Pasties!

Nothing represents Cornwall more than a traditional Cornish pasty! We know that pasties are available around the UK but none of these will come close to the true taste of a pasty, so we suggest making your own! Our favourite Cornish pasty recipe is from the Cornish Pasty Association.

Get the ingredients and pasty method here


Drinking Rattler at home!

Rattler, the only cider you should be drinking. Made and sold in Cornwall, people come from all over to try this Cornish speciality! Luckily for you, the inventors of the delicious cider, Healey’s Cider Farm, can deliver to your door! If you want the true experience, buy a sand pit and order some Rattler, feet in the sand you’ll feel like your right here at Holywell Bay!

Order Rattler and other Cornish ciders here

Cream tea anyone?

Cream teas are something we take very seriously here in Cornwall, so as long as you place the jam on the scone before the cream, this is the perfect way to feel a little closer to Cornwall whilst at home. To make it truly local, the Cornish cream company Rodda’s can deliver a pot straight to your door. But remember – jam first!

Order some Rodda’s cream here


The Cornish cuppa!

You’re going to need something to wash your cream tea down with and what’s better than a Cornish cup of tea? The Cornish Tea Company make a delicious cup of Smugglers Brew Tea and to make it even better they can deliver tea all year round so you never have to run out!

Order some Cornish tea here


Let us know how you cope with being away from Cornwall, do you do any of the things we suggested?


Let your holiday adventures begin...