Going Green at Trevornick Holiday Park

This year we are encouraging you, our guests to join us in going green! As most of you will know our 5-star Cornwall campsite is located outside of Newquay town and just a 15-minute walk from the beautiful Holywell Bay beach, so being environmentally friendly and keeping the coast clean is a cause close to home for us.

We are the first Holiday Park in the whole of Cornwall to partner with local company Otlco, who use recycled plastic materials which would usually end up harming our ecosystems, into pebble-like pathways and decks. Our new swimming pool surround is the equivalent of nearly 100,000 straws alone! The innovative company use a combination of plastic drinks bottles, food packaging and straws to create the pebble style walkways.

Our sustainable re-use of materials can be seen throughout the business as we are also using Oltco for all our decks and paths in our brand-new Luxury Lodge development, to continue to increase our efforts in becoming even more environmentally friendly.



We have also joined local campaigns such as The Final Straw, replacing plastic straws in the three onsite bars with paper alternatives. As well as joining the Re-Fill app which highlights locations nearby where people can fill up their reusable water bottles for free.

Our staff here at Trevornick also organise their own beach cleans on Holywell Bay to ensure the location and its wildlife remain unharmed by plastic waste, whilst also encouraging guests to adopt this mindset and asking them to leave the beach as they find it by doing 5-minute beach cleans before they leave.

We know we are lucky to be based in such a beautiful part of the world and it is our responsibility to ensure it remains this way and we feel we have a duty to highlight the dangers of single-use plastic and its effect on our beautiful coastline.

This year we have also introduced initiatives such as the ‘Drop & Swap’ station where guests can leave their beach toys and bodyboards which usually just get left on our beaches. We made our drop and swap station ourselves out of wooden pallets.

Visit Trevornick Holiday Park in Holywell Bay and see our environmental efforts for yourself! Book online or call us on 01637 830531 







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