Hello to 2015!

Well, here it is, the start of another year. It got off to a stunning start in Cornwall, with blue skies and gentle winds – we like to think this was the weather giving us a sneak preview of the summer to come. January is all about new resolutions, so we’ve been doing a bit of research to try and find out what it is we all want from life.

Included in the top ten most popular promises we make to ourselves are the following:  we vow to spend more time with our family, get out in the fresh air more, take more exercise, live more simply, pay more attention to our carbon footprint…that’s a lot of mores, but you know what?

A camping holiday in Cornwall at Trevornick ticks all of them. Whether a customer or a holiday ‘provider’ (sorry, clinical word but it serves the purpose here), it’s easy to lose sight of what makes a holiday truly memorable. Yes, the luxury heated swimming pool helps, as does the golf course, restaurants and bars, but what we all remember from the best times we’ve had is the laughter, the togetherness, the time out. What we look forward to in bleak old January is seeing our park full again, of families having fun, being silly, kicking back. So, yeah, we can’t wait for summer either! Happy New Year everyone.


Let your holiday adventures begin...