New for 2013 part 1…

Here at Trevornick Towers, we like to keep you informed on what’s going on, and we thought the best way to keep you posted would be to write about it for all to see! We will have a lot to keep you all updated on so firstly:

From 2013 we will have something for if the weather turns a tad grey or just if you want to keep those pink shoulders out of the sun (Ouch!). We are getting WiFi in the Farm Club as well as other activities, such as film screenings, to keep the whole family entertained just in case the great British summer isn’t actually that great after all (but we are sure every day will be a beach day!). We are getting some big comfy bean bags for everyone to lounge around on so we expect to see you all cosied up with various screens, whether it’s one you’ve chosen to bring on a holiday to keep you connected to the outside world or the big one showing fantastic films on the wall.

We will fill you in on any news over the winter so keep an eye on the blog to keep you up to date or like us on Facebook page/follow us on Twitter and don’t forget we love to hear what you think so comment below with ideas.




Let your holiday adventures begin...