Reasons to Book A Cosy Winter Retreat in Holywell Bay

Freshly baked pasties, boundlessly beautiful beaches, and frosty scenes so magnificent to inspire artists, poets and authors. While Cornwall is known as a summer paradise for many, its romantic winter allure is just as captivating. When the cold weather sets in (and it really has!) sea view café lunches are all the more tempting after blustery walks, roaring fires in quaint village pubs beckon, and moonlit beach strolls might just offer up glimpses of the dancing Northern Lights…

Whether you’re seeking some relaxation, adventure, unforgettable memory making (or all three), we’ve rounded up our favourite reasons for visiting Holywell Bay when the throes of winter wanderlust come calling.

Witness Wild Beauty

  • Why? See a different side of Cornwall

Cornwall undergoes a magical shift come wintertime and there’s good reason photographers brave the chill to capture this sparkling season on camera! The sea sprayed coast paths are all but bare, frosty sand beaches are beautifully quiet and Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show. From bundled up days witnessing the raw power of raging storms (from a safe distance) to bright blue sky days sniffing out secret coves along the shoreline with the dog, there’s a more authentic, wild beauty to be found along the coast at this time of year.

Health-Boosting Water Therapy

  • Why? To make the most of restorative water healing

Getting off dry land and plunging into the water has been a wellness trend for many years. It has the power to restore us to a calm, natural state, resets our bodies and minds and holds immune-boosting benefits. Most might think of warm summer seas and balmy temperatures for this type of activity, but the cold snap of winter brings its own advantages. Think of braving a wild water swim at Holywell Beach before dashing back up to the inviting hot tub on your decking, or jumping out of your comfort zone and into the waves to master the art of surfing (warm winter wetsuits are a must for this!). Offering a natural high, tingling vitality and a form of meditation in its own right, water therapy isn’t going out of style any time soon.

Banish The January Blues

  • Why? The best place for New Year wellness

Offering a strong dose of Vitamin C, it’s well-known that time by the ocean acts as a revitalising tonic, and we’re not arguing! Taking some well-deserved time out to indulge in winter wellness should be on all of our priority lists, and luckily we’re well placed to make the most of that. Whether that’s immersing yourself in a pampering spa day near to site, spending a day playing rounds of golf in the fresh sea air or practising some meditative morning yoga at sunrise, these simple acts have a big impact of positively altering your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Cosy Coastal Living

  • Why? Traditional pubs and friendly village life

We’re surrounded by charming coastal towns, villages and hamlets that pack a big punch when it comes to character. From pit stops at thatched-roof pubs with low-slung ceilings and roaring fires just down the hill, to exploring the winding streets of quaint towns and peering into curious shop windows, we’re within arms reach of plenty of spots to keep all ages entertained on holiday – dog included!

Gull Rocks Beach Lodges

Ideally cushioned between countryside and seaside, our collection of luxury Gull Rocks Beach lodges are ready and waiting to provide an idyllic backdrop for all your winter adventures. Open year-round, dog-friendly and big enough for the whole family, our three bedroom lodges come in five distinctive, design-led styles to choose from in a one-of-a-kind setting next to the coast. Here, you’re truly in prime position to embrace the beauty of the quiet season in Holywell Bay.

Don’t forget our cosy cottages are also available to book year-round, while our touring pitches, camping and static caravans will reopen for the season from Easter onwards, and our ready tents are available from May half term.

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