Robert Hood and his band of merry men…

Well, alright, Robert Hartley then, but the shared initials (and several passing resemblances to Friar Tuck among Trevornick Holiday Park’s maintenance team) were too tempting not to draw on Britain’s best loved medieval story for this one.

Yes, Trevornick’s owner RH and his band of merry men are at this very moment saving a 13th century Cornish church from disrepair.

St Cubert Parish Church, which dates back to the days even before Maid Marian fluttered her eyelashes at you-know-who, has been in desperate need of internal work for decades but the local authorities couldn’t afford to carry it out.

Robert Hartley, who grew up just down the road in the fields in which you all now come to camp, heard about the problem and smiled sweetly at his band of merry men (Porky, Jacko, Marcus and Matt).

They’ve been busy chipping away at old plaster on the interior church walls to uncover the ancient stonework to allow it to ‘breathe’ again. Their work will go some way to ensure the local landmark stands pride of place in the village of Cubert for many moons to come.



Let your holiday adventures begin...