Rolling back the years

Five decades might separate the taking of these two photos but the resemblance is striking. Each was taken during two of the wettest summers we can (just about) remember, and each shows a refusal to let the weather dampen the holiday spirit!

Trevornick started out as a working farm, with our first campers arriving in 1963, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that the last bullock was sent to market and we became a full time holiday park.

Since then, there have been more glorious summers than rainy ones, we’re glad to say, and this year’s downpour is already fast becoming a distant memory. Our sandy soil was not only excellent for growing potatoes but it’s cracking for drainage, so we’re almost ready for your arrival in 2013.

Many of you have been coming back for years, so if there are any more archive photos of Trevornick tucked away in your forgotten holiday snap albums, do send them in. We’ll return them safely, but not before sharing them on Facebook and Twitter!

Love from us all at

Trevornick Towers





Let your holiday adventures begin...