Tales from Trevornick…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Once upon a time, there was a very special place tucked away in the dunes of the North Cornish coast. It was surrounded by green grass and sparkling water, and people came from far and wide to enjoy its magical powers to restore them to health. We shall call it Trevornickium.

One day, a brave maiden was given a daunting challenge by the King of The Special Place. We shall call him Adrianus. He decreed that the brave maiden should travel past deep ponds and across emerald fairways to reach the sacred Holy Well.

‘It has been cleaned by a band of merry men,’ he announced, ‘so let the news of their good work be heard about across the land.’

‘What, you want me to blog it, Ade?’ she asked, in trepidation.

“Yeah,” he said, “now make me a coffee.”

And so she set out one drizzly morning on her quest for the greatest image of the Holy Well mankind had ever seen. After what felt like the longest journey up mountains (well, fairly mild inclines), and battles with evil goblins (well, fairly friendly golfers), she found a helpful sage. We shall call him Malcolm (because that’s his name). He waved his groundsman’s hand and showed her the way.

Soon, she found herself descending the most bewitching steps she had ever seen, but before she could reach the Holy Well, she had to brave the quicksand that protected it from unwanted visitors (okay, a bit of mud then). Luckily, our brave maiden had that very morning chosen to wear her all-weather cow-hide boots and leave the suede ballet pumps at home. Finally, she reached her challenge’s end and saw that it was the most glorious Holy Well to ever have been cleaned.

And then she came back to the office, wrote the blog and uploaded the pictures.

Love from the Brave Maiden


Many thanks to the Newquay Old Cornwall Society for cleaning the Holy Well.


Let your holiday adventures begin...